Janina Williams: Artist Statement

Janina Williams’ work expresses life in modern cultures and her focus is to combine photography/digital art, acrylic, and watercolor with collaging techniques to create psychedelic dreamscapes that reference situations or places experienced from reality and encourages to make personal associations. Her aim is to maintain a link to her older, more abstract pieces of work by conveying a similar message, which is to let the viewer enter a visual journey that is unfamiliar, yet somehow reminds them of their own world by incorporating certain elements that help them to make connections in a world that is alien, humorous, innocent, obscure and dizzying all at once. The artists more recent pieces embraces some of the characteristics of Dada collages and assemblages in its attempt to provoke a reaction in the viewer. As Dadaism was an art movement that emerged in Zürich, Switzerland during the tumultuous times leading up to the first World War we can draw certain parallels to Janina’s work. The Dadaists were concerned with bringing public awareness of issues such as nationalistic attitudes through the use of ridicule and irony. The photographic inspiration for her work is primarily taken from the places she visits or has lived which is currently New York City. Anything that captures her attention and interest is documented photographically to enable her to select and manipulate the most suitable images for a given project. Obscure patterns and vivid colors are catching the viewers attention as well as creatures/characters/shapes that are reminiscent of animals/objects/symbols they are familiar with but presented in an abstract, sometimes cartoon or manga like style. Janina’s artwork embodies a wide influence of art movements including Expressionism, Art Nouveau, Art of the Sixties/Psychedelic Art, and Urban/Street Art.




Janina Williams



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