Janina Williams: Artist Statement

Janina is a practicing  visual artist and gallery educator currently living in NYC. Her work expresses life in modern cultures. Inner images exist as a result of our memories, our emotions and the environment we live in. Janina’s  paintings are often a synthesis of color, line, form and texture and invite the viewer to enter a journey into different realms, intangible worlds from which all material phenomena originate from. Her aim is to bring inner visions to a conscious level. The artist works in a wide range of media ranging from photography, collage, watercolor, oils  to acrylics,  often combing different techniques and materials simultaneously to create energetic works of art. The artist collages embraces some of the characteristics of DADA collages in its attempt to provoke a reaction in the viewer. Her mission as an Artist is to help people start an inner dialogue in order to question the reality behind well worn thought patterns. According to the artist, the real challenge is to create works that convey balance and movement by exploring color and form relationships that instill a certain type of positive energy in the viewer. We live in a time where information moves at a rapid speed. Art can mitigate that numbing effect that modern society is creating by offering spaces for stillness and reflection. The artist states that Art is a way of thinking and offers an abstract & spiritual way to digest and to respond to what we are fed and bombarded with. Janina’s artwork embodies a wide influence of art movements including Dada, Expressionism, Art Nouveau, Art of the Sixties/Psychedelic Art, and Urban/Street Art.

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